Students & Recent Grads
MAN Enterprise provides students and recent graduates with suitable job opportunities, enabling them to begin acquiring valuable international experience.

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MAN Enterprise provides students and recent graduates with suitable internships, leadership programs, and job opportunities that allow them to solve real-world challenges, sometimes spurring innovations that change the way we do business. MAN Enterprise is hiring pioneers, problem solvers, dreamers & leaders across the globe. An initial successful experience is truly a springboard to a permanent position on our teams!

Every year, MAN Enterprise Group welcomes students to participate in a two-month summer internship programs called LIFE (Leading Internship, Field Experience). This internship helps students gain valuable experience that will allow them to apply their knowledge and skills to real life challenges. Each intern will be teamed with a mentor who will be sharing the company’s culture and the job basic savoir-faire and skills. Moreover, MAN Enterprise provide opportunities to meet many professionals currently working in the field giving students the chance to make important professional connections that can last a lifetime.

Mentoring is considered to be the number one career search strategy! Interns take the opportunity to discuss their future goals with professionals in the field and get exposed to the industry’s best practices and future potential!


Our internship program LIFE at MAN Enterprise allows you to explore your future while doing impactful work and meeting the best mentors of the industry.

Recent Grads

Joining the team implies that you will not be only performing technical tasks, but you will be participating in an eco-conscious endeavor towards your community. We are keen of making a global environmental impact while guiding the community into this process.

"My internship at MAN Enterprise helped me learn valuable skills, and understand how a world-class business operates. After a successful training period, I started my career at MAN Enterprise."

Rouphael Hayek


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When choosing MAN Enterprise, you are getting more than just an employer. It is an opportunity to grow and build lasting relationships where individuals, quality and values are what truly matters. You will get the opportunity to grow your expertise in different sectors of the construction industry.

Our history, client base, the variety of work we do innovatively, and the investment we make in our people’s development will help you grow your career successfully.