Our people are our single most valuable resource.

Why MAN Enterprise Group?

The success of the group is derived from a unique corporate culture that combines a talented workforce, integrity, dedication, creativity and commitment to excellence.

At MAN Enterprise Group, we consistently seek hiring people from diverse fields, backgrounds, and professions – including engineering, management, information technology, legal, administrative, supply chain logistics, accounting, and finance among others.

When you join MAN Enterprise Group, you join a global Family!

Our Resources

To be successful, businesses must rely on their professional expertise, technical proficiency, effective management, adaptable business strategies, quality control, efficient structures and creative human resources.

Our personnel are trained to perform at optimum levels, deliver expeditious performances during which they make informed decisions and demonstrate attention to detail while delivering timely results.


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Working at MAN Enterprise

At MAN Enterprise, we believe that the main asset of the company is our employees. Therefore, helping them achieve their goals through a challenging career path is a priority.

By joining MAN Enterprise you will:

  • Belong to a company that demonstrates continuous growth and offers opportunities at an international level
  • Participate in the most exciting assignments in the industry
  • Collaborate with truly committed professionals and have access to cutting-edge technology and equipment
  • Continue to upgrade skills through educational and leadership programs
  • Embrace the challenge of the building process
  • Exhibit a passion for excellence and achievement
  • Demonstrate strong work ethics
  • Enjoy working as part of a team

"Working at MAN Enterprise has been life-changing for me. I feel so fortunate to be a part of a team where I feel truly valued and respected, and where I'm able to grow into the professional I've always wanted to be."

Romeo Rodelas


"By achieving and accomplishing projects on time with the highest quality standards, MAN Enterprise has become one of the most respected engineering companies in the Middle East."

Carine Saade



Whatever your background is, we have the size, scale, training, and culture.

Recent Grads

When you join MAN Enterprise Group, you join a global Family!

Skilled Craft

Whether it is construction, maintenance or manufacturing; skilled crafts are the foundation of our campus.


Join our summer internship program LIFE at MAN Enterprise (Leading Internship, Field Experience) and meet the best mentors of the industry.